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November 17, 2011
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END RUN: Adrohai Arnsgail by Andrimnir END RUN: Adrohai Arnsgail by Andrimnir
EDIT 5/11/12* Updated Adro's outfit again. Since all remaining contestants OC's get a promotion I decided that Adrohai has to start looking the part of a promoted soldier. End Run Commanders weren't specific on ranks (or maybe they were and I just didn't know oh well) so I decided Adrohai gets his former rank of Captain. But he still keeps his Great War coat, as a symbol of respect to his fallen comrades and because he's gonna need it up in the Sinnohan mountain. The uniform design is based on the officers uniform that *Silver5 drew him in his godly awesome drawing [link] Still absolutely in love with this, so I thought just had to include the outfit! Also new Samurott pokemon!! :D

*EDIT 2/6/12* Updated Adrohai's outfit because everyone in ER seems to be wearing their damn coats on their shoulders and it's not cool anymore :D Hahah jk Also evolved my pawniard into a BAD ASS killer BISHARP!! Johto Beware!!

Hey Kids, do you love pokemon but feel that all you get is some little bitch ass 10 year old with some yellow rat that spits out sparkles? Would you rather have some pokey-MAN trainers?? Mixed in with a little Band of Brothers and Saving Private Ryan? Then sign your pokemon and WW2 blood and guts violence lovin' ass to the army at #END-RUN--Pokemon-OCT and fight the war with the pokemon of your dreams.


Sorry to my fellow Kanto recruits, I know we have a shortage of Navy Seaman (Giggitty) and Air force fly boys, but come on!! The army is where the real men go!!
Glory to the Kanto Legion they're like the Red team from Halo mixed in with the brown coats from Firefly!!

Anyway, wall of text activate!

NAME: Adrohai *The Roaring Arcanine* Arnsgail
AGE: 48
HEIGHT: 6'5''
WEIGHT: 89 kg (The metric system bitches)
HOMETOWN: Saffron City
Extra Items: An old Great War Kanto Army Coat, flask full of whisky.

Adrohai Arnsgail was a legendary soldier and War Hero during the Great War 30 years ago. There were legends of how he would charge straight on towards the enemy lines and how he would never leave any soldier behind.

Tales of his exploits were used as propaganda by Kanto officials during the time to create a hero for the Kanto faction, and to spread fear into the hearts of their Johto enemies, Adrohai would be known as the 'Roaring Arcanine who's roar would be loud enough to pierce the heavens.'

However after the war came to an unexpected end Adrohai disappeared from the public. What he did after is a mystery.

His whereabouts would remain a mystery until 30 years later where the Kanto HQ would receive a report that the legendary roaring Arcanine Adrohai has answered the call to war once again.

Feeling that the Kanto faction needs its fair share of heroes and seasoned veterans they allowed him into the army, though Adrohai mad a special request, he wished to join the new recruits for he wanted to protect them for he claims that they are the next generation of Kanto.

Despite his war hero status Adohai is a very laid back guy, he likes to take things slow and just chill and drink his whiskey. He likes to takes a lot of naps, especially during briefings, have a few drinks (which he would sneak into the army) with the recruits and throw a few funny jokes here and there. In fact if the cadets wasn't told that he was the legendary hero of the Great War, they would think that he's just some cool old guy who brought in the booze while the army officials weren't looking.

Additionally Adrohai has a very fatherly attitude towards the recruits, he cares for all of them even if they haven't even met each other. He would gladly risk his life on the line for any one of his new comrades if it means they get to return home to their families unscathed. The reason for his caring nature of the recruits is that when he fought in the Great War, he believed that it would protect the next generation of Kanto from further conflict, but then 30 years later more than half of the next generation are now in the army fighting a new war. So he feels that it is his duty to protect the ones that he and his comrades during the Great War fought so hard to protect.

-He feels a little insecure about his age since there a lot of young whipper snappers out and about in the army and he feels a little old.
-Though he doesn't mind using his age as an excuse to get out of a few mission briefings.
-Absolutely useless with technology, map reading, driving, cooking.
-Excellent at hand to hand combat
-Strong dislike for military officials, who sit in a desk and send young children off into battle
- Blind in right eye
- Slightly bitter about the Great War, how it was all for nothing since there's a second great war now. Kinda like a bitch slap to all those who died in the Great War.

He thinks they're just cute little animals, so imagine his surprise when the officials tell him that a cute little Pawniard will be his new machete.


SUNDANCE | Bisharp | Lonely Nature | Defiant Ability | Male

BACKSTORYSundance was found as a soul survivor of a conflict between two rival clans of Bisharps and Pawniards. When the pokemon capture team found him they saw that his forehead blade was broken and that his reactions to humans was calm and non-aggresive (unlike most wild pokemon) Sundance did not show any signs of resistance when he was captured. When viewing the available pokemon, Adrohai saw in Sundance the eyes of a broken soldier and felt they had something in common, so he picked the broken Pawniard for his weapon. "Because we're a pair of broken veterans," he would tell people when they asked why.

PERSONALITY: Unless he is being threatened or attacked Sundance is an extremely passive pawniard. He is calm and obedient, the perfect soldier, though he has vivid nightmares of is previous battes alongside his pawniard/bisharp battalion and of their demise. He will follow Adrohai's orders to the latter without question, Adrohai finds that very weird. He feels like a pokemon should be carefree and cute so he's making it an objective to cheer his pawniard up a little bit.

*EDIT* Sundance is less than thrilled with his new quilava partner Cassidy. Sundance believes Cassidy to be a bit of an idiot trying to hard to impress others and not focusing on the mission.
*EDIT 2/6/12* Sundance has evolved into a Bisharp, though he is still the same. He's still an obedient soldier and would kill anyone who would dare harm his commanding officer and his pokemon brothers, even if he does still find them annoying as hell.

CASSIDY | Typhlosion| Bold Nature | Blaze Ability | Male

BACKSTORY: When he was given the opportunity to choose a second pokemon, Adrohai wanted one with a fiery attitude to contrast his Pawniards stoic one. So when he saw a Quilava that had the largest flame mane and fiery shaped fur strutting about in the science and research facility day care, he knew that this Quilava had attitude and a hell of a lotta swag, perhaps enough attitude to make a perfect partner for Sundance.

PERSONALITY: Cassidy is an excitable and hot headed Quilava, he'll always try to be flashy and cool in whatever he does, from attacking to eating with style. He's always trying to impress his comrades Adrohai and Sundance. He adores them both, treating them like how a surfer would treat his other surfer bros. His attacks though are wild and ferocious, his flames can get out of control in his effort to look awesome on the battlefield he may end up burning the entire battlefield if he's not too careful.
*EDIT* 5/11/12After the events of the last round Cassidy has evolved into a fully fledged Typhlosion, with his fiery mane covering most of his entire upper body, to signify his growth in strength and determination. Plus to show off as well.

WILD BILL | Manectric (shiny)| Sassy Nature | Lightning rod Ability | Male

Backstory: Bill was an outcast among his pack of Manectrics in the wild, other than his different colored pelt he also had finer tastes among his kind. Most manectrics were wild and feral whereas he was sophisticated and snobbish. He is envious of humans for he would prefer the fine wine and dining than hunting for food in the wild so it was no surprise that he allowed himself to be captured by the pokemon capture team, for he thought that he'd end up as a pet to some posh kid in the city. Little did he know that he'd end up as a war hound for a Great War veteran with no sense of class or bourgeoise-ness.

Personality: Bill is an upperclass snob, he thinks himself an aristocratic nobleman due to his different colored fur which he thinks is a sign of nobility. He likes to eat posh food and drink the finest wine, anything that reeks of cheap and lower middle class i.e. 2 dollar steak and he'll throw it away. (Basically think of Frasier Crane in Manectric form) He takes an abusive attitude towards Adrohai for he believes them to be his butlers. Despite the snobby hoity toity attitude he can run, hunt and kill, though he'd rather not get blood on his fur so he'd let his butlers do it.

CROCKETT | Samurott | Brave Nature | Shell Armor Ability | Male

Backstory: Crockett comes rom a long line of Samurott warriors who roamed the seas as as warlords, safeguarding it from human interlopers and such. Though he did his duty, Crockett felt no form of satisfaction fighting mere fisherman, so when the war broke out and humans were fighting alongside pokemon, Crockett used this opportunity to get himself captured by humans so that he may fight alongside them in more worth wile battles. For fighting in war is the purest form of fighting in his eyes and he wishes for nothing more than fight strong opponents.

Personality: Much like a samurai, Crockett is a paragon of honor and justice. He has a strong sense of justice and will only strike down those that he deems evil and wicked. Thus if he faces an enemy which he believes to be good natured then he will do his best to not spill blood with his blades. He holds his comrades in high regard, respecting them all despite the fact that he only has just recently joined Adrohai and his crew. He would gladly sacrifice his life for his comrades in arms.

Move over young people, the middle aged men are taking over this war!!!

For this character I wanted to be a little different and designed a more older OC unlike my other OCs who are usually twenty or younger. Glory to the grey haired streaks!!

Hope I get in! I think I see a few of the ol' PCBC gang in here somewhere :D
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dragontaxi Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
i dont know how i havent actually looked at this app page, but i'd like to say that your characters are so very well filled out, they have personality and flaws. the comics are awesome and i'm diggin the butch cassidy references! awesome art, man!
MinisterFiddler Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2012

Keep up the good work soldier!
And if you turn rouge, then shame on you.
Edhelistar Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2012  Student General Artist
Hey! A 2-dollar steak was expensive by the 40s standards!
Edhelistar Featured By Owner May 10, 2012  Student General Artist
Me and my NPC approve this!:laughing:
Andrimnir Featured By Owner May 13, 2012  Professional General Artist
:iconpunchbackplz::iconpunchplz: Thanks :D
cladan13 Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2012
I do feel that he is one of the manliest men in Kanto. Nice idea to make him a veteran!
BurntGreenTea Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2011  Student
Andrimnir Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2011  Professional General Artist
Hahahaha yes!! Thanks my fellow eye patched comrade! Let's show Johto that we don't need two eyes to defeat them!! :la:

Your character Vanessa is pretty awesome btw!!
BurntGreenTea Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2011  Student
Thumbs up to that!

And thanks!
Tofubeast Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2011
Also also delicious oyaji.
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